• Fábio M Silva's "Campaign" for Berlin Fashion Week

  • Mo, 01.07.2019 ab 10:00 Uhr
  • Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin
    Straße des 17. Juni
    11011 Berlin
Fábio M Silva's "Campaign" for Berlin Fashion Week - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin - Berlin

Fábio M Silva’s CAMPAIGN aims to start a discussion on the classism inherent to the contemporary art world and the fashion industry alike. Being installed without permission across several venues, the duration of each CAMPAIGN solely depends on how these institutions receive and perceive it – visitors to the venue will only be able to see M Silva’s work for as long as the staff does not exert their supremacy by removing it – opening a dialog about the oligarch structures of the art and fashion world and how it affects the career and expression of fringe artists and designers. In May 2019, to represent the approximate budget of the event in millions, 13 shirts handpainted with the slogan “MY ART IS BETTER THAN YOURS” were installed at Giardini and Arsenale in the Venice Biennale. For Berlin Fashion Week, the artist created a new series commenting on the genderization of the fashion industry which will be installed across the event's different venues in July 2019.#FMSCAMPAIGN//Fábio M Silva is a non-binary multidisciplinary artist living and working in Berlin. Their work is mostly autobiographical and questions the concept of identity. Citing the Fluxus movement as a major influence, they produce equally confrontational and sarcastic pieces in the fields of fashion, performance, live art, video, experimental music and visual arts.https://fabiomsilva.studio/