• Les Pleureuses + Aus Tears live

  • Do, 14.03.2019 ab 21:00 Uhr
  • Hangar 49
    Holzmarktstr. 15-18
    10179 Berlin
Les Pleureuses + Aus Tears live - Hangar 49 - Berlin

14.03.19LIVE at Hangar 49Les Pleureuses https://lespleureuses1.bandcamp.com/Daring the mix between lyrical, electro notes, punk, powerful rock. Their music explores and mixes genres.The result is explosive: a harmonious musical chaos.French settled in Berlin, they immerse themselves in this city, its caves and its artistic effervescence to constantly push the limits of their creativity and continue to extend their musical spectrum.Over the years, they have forged themselves not just an identity but several that they put beautifully on stage with a theatrical scenography.They are five: Yannis, Sami, Valo, Sarah and Nico. Each member reveals one of the many facets of the group as well in the composition as on stage.AUS TEARS https://austears.bandcamp.com/Electronic post-punk duo, composed by two humans, two synths and a drum machine, based in Helsinki. Once called DEVAI (under this name played only two gigs including the one in TIQ Berlin in May 2015) changed its name in AUS TEARS. Since 2015 till 2019 AUS TEARS played several gigs, mostly in Finland but also Italy, England, Estonia and released a 4-tracks cd (selfreleased) and a 5-tracks cassette produced by Herzschlag.Aftershow djset by: Jaakko & DJ HanzelHANGAR 49Holzmarktstr.15/18 (Berlin)