• STASJ - Art Liners - Berlin

  • Sa, 23.05.2020 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Artliners Berlin
    Gärtnerstr. 23
    10245 Berlin
STASJ - Art Liners - Berlin - Artliners Berlin - Berlin

STASJ will dangle your soul!STASJ sings for the ears of the wonderer, the lover of surprises, the seeker who wants to be touched, the non-humans and merpersons.STASJ sings about mistaken love adventures and positives wishes for the unkind mankind. STASJ shines light on the dark sides through storytelling with a flexible voice merging classical and pop, raw electronic beats ands experimental sounds. Poetic, imaginary scenes are fused with real time observations and serendipities.