• Culture Resonance at Cafe Exil

  • Mi, 16.01.2019 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Café Exil
    Universitätsstraße 25
    33615 Bielefeld
Culture Resonance at Cafe Exil - Café Exil - Bielefeld

Culture Resonance (Germany, Bielefeld)WORLDMUSIC/ ETHNO/ FUSION/ FOLKCulture Resonance is a band of three siblings born in Bielefeld/Germany. Their music becomes a medium between cultures through own compositions combined with free improvisation. With a fusion between Indian ragas, Turkish and afghan folk and Jazzinfluences the band goes on a journey in search of their own roots. Through the harmonic mix of Harp, Cello and Sitar, Oud and many different eastern Percussion Instruments like Tabla or Def they build an atmosphere where there is space for dreams, Trance and Dance. https://cultureresonanceband.wordpress.com/--------------------------------------------------------------The concert will take place at Cafe Exil (C1-168) in Bielefeld University where is voluntarily initiated by mostly international students. We look forward seeing you to warm our place up with your dreams!