• Mankind at Potemkin Bar

  • Mi, 26.06.2019 ab 21:00 Uhr
  • Potemkin Bar
    Heeper Str. 28
    33607 Bielefeld
Mankind at Potemkin Bar - Potemkin Bar - Bielefeld

Stellt euch vor Jim Morrison macht den Pixies ein Kind, das von Sonic Youth groß gezogen wird! Mehr muss man glaube ich nicht sagen - die Musik von MANKIND spricht für sich! ⬪ Mittwoch 26.06.19 ⬪ Potemkin Bar ⬪ Heeper Str. 28 33607 Bielefeld ⬪ Beginn gegen 21:00 Uhr ⬪ Eintritt gegen Spende ⬪// MANKIND (stockholm, swe) 70s-psyched-alternative-noise-rockIt's explosive, dark, potent, and psyched out. The main little monster fish here is the band MANKIND. Currently whipping up the underground and warehouse parties in Stockholm with their runaway, throbbing and decadent show and masterpieces produced by Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor). The Line of Best Fit describes it as "A shock to the system not unlike a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart", NME call them "snotty four-piece MANKIND", or as The Needle Drop simply puts it; "MANKIND forever".MANKIND were brought up on 220music released long before they were born and in boroughs far from where they lived (the early 90's Seattle scene, the Velvet's New York, The Door's California, London 60s...) and that's exactly where they belong artistically. But in addition they also have their own DNA, a unique sound full of odd MANKIND figments, twisted song structures, lyrics that are¨clever, angry, darkly funny, upsetting and on-point and a world of imagery and ideas that we know will keep us busy and alert. ►MANKIND - Blood, Sugarhttps://youtu.be/bedN-v9QMwc►MANKIND - Marys Hearthttps://youtu.be/rMyfqIKRpWE►MANKIND - I'm Waiting For The Manhttps://youtu.be/Z120o6bY5hshttps://mankindalive.bandcamp.com/https://soundcloud.com/musicofmankindhttps://www.facebook.com/musicofMANKIND/https://open.spotify.com/artist/16ejaMBecQr5J0yvDbN1A7-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Der Eintritt ist wie immer gegen Spende - das Geld geht komplett an die Band(s) :-)