• Big Man Ting

  • Sa, 17.11.2018 ab 23:01 Uhr
  • Cutie
    Große Kurfürsten Straße 81 / Jöllenbecker Str. 21
    33615 Bielefeld
Big Man Ting - Cutie - Bielefeld

BIG MANG TINGBig Man TingBig man ting - Is a term that is used by young people in prison and on the streets in London. It generally means, "Swear down." Or in true English, honestly or in all seriousness.Person A: I'm gonna get a Honda Civic Type R with my drug money Big man Ting.17.11.18 BIG MAN TINGUNGEWITTER & DJ SKETCHY TURNING UP THE VOLUME FOR ALL DEM PEOPLE! SERIOUSLY!SOUNDS:TRAP/808/DUB/GHETTOTECH/HOUSE/CLASSICS/DRUMNBASE/WORLDMUSICONLY TING U NEED IS LUVE Going to this Party, Big Man Ting!