• Deltaphonic (USA)

  • Fr, 24.01.2020 ab 21:00 Uhr
  • Extra-Blues-Bar täglich ab 19h
    Siekerstraße 20
    33602 Bielefeld
Deltaphonic (USA) - Extra-Blues-Bar   täglich ab 19h - Bielefeld

Deltaphonic is a New Orleans rock n’ roll duo that blends fingerpicking blues, funk, and roots rock into a surprisingly big sound.This New Orleans duo draws parallels to The Black Keys but their deliciously gritty sound exists in a realm of its own.Tearing through hill country blues and swampedelic rock, Deltaphonic infuse every note with a funky swagger. Their original songwriting oozes with rare talent to go along with their captivating stage presence and immeasurable entertainment value.Expect frenetic performances and memorable songwriting… and maybe a musical explosion here or there!