• Firefriend + Black Doldrums at Potemkin Bar

  • Sa, 18.04.2020 ab 20:30 Uhr
  • Potemkin Bar
    Heeper Str. 28
    33607 Bielefeld
Firefriend + Black Doldrums at Potemkin Bar - Potemkin Bar - Bielefeld

Die Gedanken kommen zum Ruhen, der Körper entspannt sich und eine wohlige Wärme breitet sich aus - in den Sound von Firefriend möchte man sich einfach reinlegen und genießen. Gekonnt schafft es die Band aus Sao Paulo mit einer Farbpalette aus Psychedelischen Mustern, Repetetiven Drone Klecksen und Trip-Hop anmutenden Vocals den Hörer auf eine Reise durch Raum, Zeit, aber auch sich selber zu schicken, krass! Verstärkung kommt aus London von den Black Doldrums - nicht weniger psychedelisch, aber anders, etwas 'härter', etwas 'düsterer' - Postpunk trifft auf Psychedelic und Shoegaze. • Samstag 07.03.19 • Potemkin Bar • Heeper Str. 28 33607 Bielefeld • Beginn 20:30 Uhr • Eintritt frei, Spende erwünscht •// Firefriend (são paulo, brazil) psychedelic / drone / experimental / mellow dream / trip hop There was a thread in American music in the late 1960s that someone untangled across the U.S., then stretched over to Europe, where it took root in 80s shoegaze. It ties together bands as disparate as the 13th Floor Elevators, the Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, Mazzy Star, Blonde Redhead, and the Jesus & Mary Chain. It’s noise rock or math punk or psychedelic or shoegaze or doom: It’s the down-tuned sound of chaos and beauty, and while no one was looking, it also worked its way through the Americas and took root in Brazil under the name Firefriend.Firefriend pulled that thread from the 60s and created something that feels like a bit of everything that thread ever touched. Their sound doesn’t rush to the pop hook or stall itself in the crunchy riffs, it glides above everything else in its own orbit, echoing the best parts of psychedelic, shoegaze, and noise by taking it all into strange new fields of bliss. And with a vinyl release from Portland’s Little Cloud Records, it can be heard as God intended at epic 45 rpm. Do yourself a favor: Turn the music on, the lights off, and let yourself go."... a wonderful kaleidoscope of influences. FireFriend have no problem in mixing rock, jazz, Latin percussion, guitars and psychedelic effects. The result is a record that deserves the highest appraisal of our staff."linkiesta, italy ►Firefriend - Love Seems Distortedhttps://youtu.be/CohWJD2lipc►Firefriend - Raw Violencehttps://youtu.be/LspJfuO6kdE► Firefriend - Avalanche - Full Album ( 2019 )https://youtu.be/Gy1oMfUfqaYspotify:artist:2xtRcChgdje74dlpd3Hz4Ghttps://firefriend.bandcamp.com/// Black Doldrums (london, uk) heavy psych / post punk / shoegazeLondon’s duo Black Doldrums are renowned for delivering multiple layers of echo-drenched guitar and heavy relentless drums, creating their transient and euphoric dark-psych, shoegaze and continuing to astonish audiences with sounds far greater than one may assume. Recently announcing details of the first single to be taken off their anticipated debut album, the male-female deuce of singer-guitarist Kevin Gibbard, anchored by dark haired drummer Sophia Lacroix created their album with engineer/producer James Aparicio (credits include Spiritualized, Nick Cave, Depeche Mode) . The Single ‘Those With A Rope Around Their Neck (Don’t Always Hang) will be released on Adjust Records this coming April, 2018 on 7" and digital download, also including on the B-side, a version of the track Exit City Lights from their self- released 2017 EP ‘People’s Temple’. The band is influenced by much of the proto-psych of the 1960s, icy post-punk of the 80’s and the Brit Rock swagger of the 90’s, taking their name from Allen Ginsberg’s ‘Denver Doldrums’ and their gothic-psych aesthetic, charmed from Syd Barrett’s ‘Madcap’ era. ► BLACK DOLDRUMS - SHE DIVINE OFFICIAL VIDEO (2019)https://youtu.be/A4aCVuWap88►BLACK DOLDRUMS - MAE'S DESIRE OFFICIAL VIDEO (2019)https://youtu.be/2PxzvXHDloEspotify:artist:3yAYb9TSBzWkEIVKN0Wybbhttps://blackdoldrums.bandcamp.com/-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Der Eintritt ist wie immer gegen Spende - das Geld geht zu 100% an die Bands.