• Dubbing Carnival der Kulturen! Soundconference Stylee

  • Sa, 15.06.2019 ab 16:00 Uhr
  • Ravensberger Park
    Ravensberger Park 6
    33607 Bielefeld
Dubbing Carnival der Kulturen! Soundconference Stylee - Ravensberger Park - Bielefeld

Another Carnival another Soundsystemsession right in the heart of Bielefeld! If you attended last years session, you know what to expect: heartwarming, ground shaking, bassbin rattling reggae and dub music - pure vibes! We are very happy to announce that we'll have three sounds present:Sunplugged SoundsystemA very special solarpowered treat for the ears! Troddin all the way from Leipzig, the crew based around the mighty PLUGDUB SOUNDSYSTEM created this soopah doopah project with regard to the climate crisis we all face! The world is gettin' ever so hot but dem know fi cool it down with rockers sound yeah! Rave for future :) Avocado SystemNext chapter opening up for the soundsystemculture in Bielefeld! A brand new Sound and longtime friends will unveil their tactics for the first time! Runniiiiit! Hot Wire Hi-FiThird time for us to play in this lovely openair space! We're looking forward to meeting old and new faces! We'll bring tons of bass and tons of vinyl. As usual!Come as you are!