• back2bar

  • Di, 30.04.2019 ab 22:00 Uhr
  • Goldkante
    Alte Hattinger Straße 22
    44789 Bochum
back2bar - Goldkante - Bochum

back2barMusic will bring people together. After four year´s playing music @ Plöpp with Tante Li and Ulla Plöpp, Meir Ilan invite DJ´s for his new Project "back2bar". The special Atmosphere to playing Music in a Bar, mixed with the challenge of Reacting to the different musical Styles of the Guest DJ´s, will always create new Surprises and bring us closer to old and new Music Genres.First Guest is Evi NylonFor over a decade, Essen-based Evi Nylon has been engaged in the electronic music scene as Djane. Evi Nylon likes complex minimal beats and futuristic rave grooves. She explores with you the depths and edges of electronic music. Evi performed in Newcastle (UK), Poznan (PL) and diverse clubs in Northern Germany.Her sets invite you on a journey through the industrial landscapes of Detroit, a rushing party among friends and the quiet moments in between. She hosted an experimental party series in Bremen (DasLebenMeintEsGutMitDir/Monkeyground) and is now looking forward to the electronic journey in May together with Meir Ilan.https://www.mixcloud.com/EviNylon/evi-nylons-autumn-mini-mix-for-affenadler/Meir Ilan has been making music in various band and sound system projects for over thirty years. The last four years he was part of the Dance event Plöpp. As a DJ, he sees his challenges in mixing electronic with other genres of music. Here, he does not allow limits.https://soundcloud.com/user-121146974/meet-berlin