• D-A-D (Zeche Bochum)

  • Do, 12.12.2019 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Zeche Bochum
    Prinz-Regent-Str. 50-60
    44795 Bochum
D-A-D (Zeche Bochum) - Zeche Bochum - Bochum

Tickets für EUR 33,- inkl. Gebühren zzgl. Versand über Zeche Tickets.Einlass: 19:00, Beginn: 20:00Rock Hard, Rocks, Metal.de, Kulturnews, Kalle-Rock.de & Dragon Productions present:D-A-D - A tour for the LoudAfter the release of their new album "A Prayer For The Loud" last week and entering the Danish charts at #1, D-A-D announce the European leg of "A Tour For The Loud"."This will be the real thing" says D-A-D's lead singer Jesper Binzer. "Playing festivals is fine and dandy, but an hour of D-A-D is just scraping the surface - shows in your local rock club will always be what Rock'n'Roll is all about - a sweaty gathering of the loud... and that's just what we'll be doing! What about you? Are you coming?"24 shows and 9 countries in 4 weeks.A real tour for the loud!