• Work in progress - performance by Roozbeh Mosleh / Yasmin Fahbod

  • Di, 03.03.2020 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Musisches Zentrum RUB
    Universitätsstraße 150
    44801 Bochum
Work in progress - performance by Roozbeh Mosleh / Yasmin Fahbod - Musisches Zentrum RUB - Bochum

To not remain a spectatorTo not sit in the darkTo dance a manifestationIs Hijab a religious political symbol ? Is it anideological flag? Is Hijab a side taking ? Oris it merely a private concern?Forcing women to wear Hijab orprohibiting it are both acts of violenceagainst women.Let us be a part of decision making insteadof letting politicians, religionists andopportunists decide! Let us be bold enough to be either black or white , as issues like slavery has never been grey!Let us reassure/reconsider where we stand, next to the oppressor or next to the oppressed?Our “work in progress“ looks for thepossibilities to evoke physical integration.The elements which let the audience getphysically involved . Nobody stays in the middle as the dancer and nobody stands in the corner as spectator. Once one gets up and dances, anybody can dance with.Roozbeh Mosleh (Composer) YasminFah bod (Scenic Researcher ) have beenworking together on these concepts andare eager to meet you on Tuesday 03.03 inMusisches Zen trum RUB.Photo by Julia Wagner.