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  • Fr, 07.08.2020 ab 15:00 Uhr
  • RAPX
    Alte Hattingerstrasse 11
    44789 Bochum
C - RAPX - Bochum

Collaboration Project C.THROUGH/RAPX aka C@RAPXRelease Date Friday 07. Aug. 2020 Starts 16:00h @rapxbochum Safe the date!Join us for an evening with arts, crafts and drafts We will launch an edition of skatedecks in three beautiful shapes, some shirts, sweats and other gear - all created by our talented two month trainee Youri P. in collaboration with the RAPXCREW. His brand C.THROUGH, his art signature C.REAL. A clothing enthusiast, a designer for shirts and walls – he’s kickflipping hard with his A-Pen and skateboard – screenprinting, sewing, revampin’, creating cool shit constantly - oh yes C.THROUGH/RAPX “a great match!” Have funCome along, have drink, grab a snack, check some sounds and see what the crew created.#cthrough#creal#crapx#rapxcrew#rapx1986#rapxreform#diversityisourstrengthC@RAPX@c.through@rapxbochumRAPX alte Hattinger Strasse 1144789 Bochum Germanywww.rapx.one