• Improv Theater in Bonn | English

  • Fr, 21.06.2019 ab 18:30 Uhr
  • Die Ermekeilkaserne wird zivil
    Reuterstr. 63
    53113 Bonn
Improv Theater in Bonn | English - Die Ermekeilkaserne wird zivil - Bonn

A cowboy walks into a flowershop, being really angry. Would you act that out for 30 seconds? If yes, then join our English improv group.Because life doesn’t have a script either, we invite you to take some time and enjoy being spontaneous and quick to improvise whenever needed in your day to day adventure. What to expect?Lots of games, many hypothetical situations, challenges, impersonations, laughs and more laughs. We're determined to get you out of your comfort zone and at the same time tapping into dealing with your day-to-day emotions. We make no promises, but you might just fall in love with your personality and the way you react to things that make you happy or annoy you at the same time. There donation-based payment and one time participation is totally fine so don't find excuses and give it a try. :)