• Music Jam Session (Mantra Theme)

  • Sa, 01.06.2019 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • The Tannenbusch House
    Oppelnerstraße 69
    53119 Bonn
Music Jam Session (Mantra Theme) - The Tannenbusch House - Bonn

It's time to jam again! On the 1st June, we want to practice mantra-chants for change, transformation, and inner peace. Independent from religion you can come with your own mantra, no matter if they are self-written, from friends, from India, from Rainbow-Gatherings or from somewhere else. Bring with all your ideas, instruments, voices, feelings to create a powerful jamming session. The power of mantra chanting is known all over the world, where people sing for well-being and self-healing and are coming back to the roots of feelings and to transpersonal connections, touching our souls. Old Mantras can create energy vibrations to replace negative energy with positive. Singing mantras is a way to meditate through sound, repetition, and devotion. Mantra-chants can lift us towards our higher self.You're deeply welcome with or without the musical talent to join our interactive jam session at The Tannenbusch House! We have some music instruments available so anybody can join. The mostimportant instrument is your voice, it has the ability for transformation and healing. Let's get this going!