• Sunday Story by Matt Sonicksen

  • So, 02.06.2019 ab 18:30 Uhr
  • The Tannenbusch House
    Oppelnerstraße 69
    53119 Bonn
Sunday Story by Matt Sonicksen - The Tannenbusch House - Bonn

Everybody is talking about Storytelling. Artists for sure. Actors, Directors, scriptwriters, authors, solosists, songwriters, dancers, and even visual artists. At the same time, managers, project leaders, team builders, advertisers, corporate identity definers, therapists, influencers, are also all referring to themselves as storytellers and proclaiming that storytelling is so important to their work. But why? Is this a good thing? Yes and no. But mostly yes. Are we all storytellers? Yes, in fact we are.This brings us to Matthew Sonnicksen and his work with storytelling especially in education. Matthew qualified as a consultant to help schools and educators integrate storytelling methods into their curricula and teaching. He did this in Oxford which sounds good not only because it's a city full of prestigious universities but also because it's the home of Hogwarts.Hogwarts is a magical school. But if school was for you like it was for Matthew and still seems to be for many children here in Germany and many places around the world, well school was not magical it was mostly boring. And school does not have to be. Storytelling in the sense of telling a story orally is magical. Matthew believes we should be teaching our pupils to become oral storytellers. We should be telling them stories all the time and they should be telling stories to each other. This well help them become better writers. If we can tell comprehensive stories, we will have the language needed to write sensibly.So come hear some stories and hopefully fuel up on a couple of laughs and inspiration.Please bring something to eat or drink as it will be a shared dinner after the event.Note: Since we are an organisation that works on donation basis, Voluntary donations are welcome! :)