• Hard Boiled Wonderland

  • So, 16.02.2020 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Kreuzung an St. Helena
    Bornheimer Straße 130
    53119 Bonn
Hard Boiled Wonderland - Kreuzung an St. Helena - Bonn

HARD BOILED WONDERLAND is about reflection and artistic engagement with statements, texts, verbal derailments, abysmal utterances on current social topics – mainly based on original quotes from various sources of public life – and putting them into a poetic / deep music context.Given the current global and national developments, the contemporary art and music scene must also take a clear position … It cannot be that “we” (musicians and artists of today), in the “wondrous pursuit of high culture and personal artistic expression, perceive current sociocultural and political situation as belonging to “another world” and watch from our bubble of art in amazement how the coexistence and communication of our society collapses in many ways.The ensemble STATES OF PLAY – with guests: singers / vocalists, musicians and a choir – is developing a cca 70 minute concert program consisting of different settings of the selected texts. The basis of our content is our current social, political and media context – global and local.LINEUP:Singers:Tamara Lukasheva (Ukraine / D)Marjana Sadovska (Ukraine / D)Maximilian Hilbrandt (D)„Les Saxosythes“ – 8 member choir cond. by R. Lopez-Klingenfuss (D)Musicians:Theresia Phillip – Saxophone, ReedsLucas Leidinger – Keyboards, PianoThomas Sauerborn – DrumsChristian Lorenzen – Keyboards, Analog ElectronicsSebastian Gramss – Double bass, ConceptRodrigo Lopez-Klingenfuss (ARG) – GuitarSpecial Guests:Sumudi Suaweera (Sri Lanka) – Drums, PercussionHelen Svoboda (Australia) – Double Bass, VoiceOfficial website: http://sebastiangramss.de/hardboiledwonderland/