• COZY w/metamorphosen

  • Fr, 18.10.2019 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Schrill
    Wendenstraße 60
    38100 Brunswick
COZY w/metamorphosen - Schrill - Braunschweig

____es wird wieder cozy MIThttps://soundcloud.com/metamorphosenpodcastMetamorphosen is a Music-Podcast by O-Caughtrach and Rotrotrot. On a regular base, we present on the internet some off-dancefloor music from different people. This project is trying to create a place for conscious listening and sharing musical knowledge. After airing two podcasts, we now want to expand our project into the real world. At cozy-night we are excited to explore the diverse and rich scene of unusual and obscure music with you together.Rotrotrothttps://soundcloud.com/rotrotrot1O-Caughtrach-no link for this underdog yet-18.10.201919hSchrill Wendenstraße 60, Bs