• Kink Gong - Artist Talk & Sound Performance

  • Di, 04.02.2020 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Mogi
    Pippelweg 77
    38118 Brunswick
Kink Gong - Artist Talk & Sound Performance - Mogi - Braunschweig

Laurent Jeanneau – Kink Gong is a french musician known for his project of researching and recording minority ethnic music from different region in the world from Africa to South East Asia.Since the 90’s he has been traveling to countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and China. On his long journeys Laurent Jeanneau recorded over 200 hours of music from almost unknown and remote regions of our planet. By that he is documenting the local music traditions of ethnic minorities whose cultures are threatened by modernization. Alongside his field recordings, Kink Gong is also composing electronic music that manipulates, assembles and reconstructs those recordings, in order to create new soundscapes. These two two strategies of his artistic practice questions his own role as a musician by examine the meaning of authorship as well as they questions our dealing with foreign cultures.Jeanneau releases the unedited results of his travels on his own label Kink Gong Recordings, as well as on the label Sublime Frequencies. His re compositions can be found on Akuphone, ArteTetra, Discrepant or Atavistic.In cooperation with HBK institute we've invited Laurent Jeanneau to Braunschweig. In this event Kink Gong will talk about the importance of Field Recording in the 21st century, followed by a presentation, live performance and at the end an open talk with the audience.This event will take place at Mogi, HBK University.04.02.202019:00 – 22:00Kink Gong website's: http://kinkgong.net/------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Entrance Fees: Free