• The New Four Seasons

  • Do, 10.03.2016 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Bremen Die Glocke
    Domsheide 6-8
    28195 Bremen
The New Four Seasons - Bremen Die Glocke - Bremen

Nigel Kennedy returns with a completely fresh take on The Four Seasons, but while the music sounds hugely different, his creative attitude is the same. Once again he has set out to prove that The Four Seasons can be music for all time and in his opinion, there's no reason why Vivaldi's masterpiece shouldn't be opened up to embrace developments in musical instrument technology or even new musical styles undreamt of in Vivaldi's 18th century world. Any forward-looking composer, Kennedy reasons, would have been delighted to exploit the potential of more expressive or sophisticated instrumentation if it had been available to him.