• MANNY - Live

  • Di, 18.08.2015 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Arberger Hof
    Arberger Heerstr. 78
    28307 Bremen
MANNY -  Live - Arberger Hof - Bremen

MANNY: Folkpoesie sanft bis provokativ Facettenreiche Folk Musik, mit bedeutungsvollen, manchmal zarten und manchmal provokativen Texten des Rockpoeten Thierry Gaillard in französischer, englischer und spanischer Sprache. Voller Poesie, mit viel Humor und gleichzeitig unbeschwert, verzaubert er das Publikum mit seiner intensiven und ausdruckstarken Stimme, die von den Harmonien der akustischen Instrumente umspielt wird (Gitarre, Flöte, Violine und Keyboard). Musikalisch ist die 4-köpfige Band angesiedelt zwischen Bob Dylon, Leonard Cohen und der Intensität französischer Chansons a la Jaques Brel


Aktuelle CD: "Soleil dedans"

Die Band

Thierry G, guitar, lead vocal Writer, performer, showman, he has sung in rock bands, written songs for several artists and produced several CDs before meeting Phil Collins in Geneva who encourages him to develop his own universe. This leads to the birth of Thierry G, the original world of a self-taught writer-composer-interpreter. Poetry, humor, sensitivity, depth and intensity are present as he performs on European stages. He has also been invited to play in the USA these past few years.

Mira Amadori, violin Violin virtuoso from the Musik Akademie of Basel, Mira excels in all styles and has played in several orchestras be it in classical, chamber, jazz, Balkan or rock music. Her rare and precious gift of transmitting the very essence of music she interprets touches her audience profoundly. The width of her musical palette gave her the privilege of having carte blanc for four concerts in the « A Summer in Bourges » festival in 2008 and she plays there every year since then. www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXHv0BaZEEE das ist der youtube link zu dem live gespielten Stück Isis, der Lee Lozowick Projekt Band mit Mira Amadori auf der Violine.

Adeline Vigor, keyboards Adeline has the talent for hitting the right note or mood as it's needed and wanted. She played a long time in gospel/world music choirs before joining the American Rockband « The Lee Lozowick Project », with which she performed on the stages of some of the most prestigious festivals in Europe like Bourges in France. The project stopped after the death of its leader. Since then she has been playing with various groups like « Reprise » from 2012 and « Thierry G » from 2014.

Vincent Vigor, flautist After having received a classical training, he plays very young in four different groups as well as a Big Band of orchestral jazz and rock. Workbulimic, he later joins Mister Lee and his band, the « Lee Lozowick Project », a love story that will develop during 4 years and will have as many European monumental tours (2006 to 2009). In november 2013, his brilliant improvisation abilities enables him to meet Thierry G's challenge : to play at a Parisian concert happening just one week later, without further notice. A new collaboration is born.