• Sofia Härdig live in der elo.bar

  • Fr, 20.07.2018 ab 21:00 Uhr
  • elo.bar
    Große Annenstraße 108
    28199 Bremen
Sofia Härdig live in der elo.bar - elo.bar - Bremen

Wir freuen uns, dass Sofia Härdig, zurecht gefeiert von praktisch allen ernstzunehmenden Musikmagazinen dieser Welt, Ende Juli auf ihrer zweiten Deutschlandtour wieder bei uns vorbeischaut. Direkt danach machen wir mit Barflys Barabend weiter."The Swede oscillates between Post-punk, goth-rock, Placebo and Nick Cave. Her singing has the same kind of absolute urgency that Patti Smith and Tom Verlaine once has." ROLLING STONESofia Härdig is nominated to Composer of the Year by Manifest 2017. SOM ( Swedish Indiependent Music producers and SKAP ( Swedish Composers Of Popular Music)”There is no other way to describe Swedish artist Sofia Härdig than as a future rock goddess." The Revue US."Rage and desire creates and splits the emotional cosmos created by the multiinstrumentalist Sofia Härdig… impressive…self confined" INTRO (DE)"Sofia Hardig doing exciting things ... beneath the surface bubbles Sonic Youth .. combine the blue-bottomed vocal rock temperament Johanna PÂlsson DN Swedish National Press"Multitalented Sofia Härdig...a tempered postpunkheavyweight manifesting Sofia's strength and expressive roughness....energetic ... a bomb ... powerful ... masterful ... majestically. In summary, a high quality production that leaves an intense and powerful imprint" Nöjesguiden (SWE) National Swedish paper"In the crossroad where electronic, rock, noise, art and darkness meet we find Sofia Härdig. Allways interesting and challenging" SONIC MAGAZINE ( full spread in national Swedish music magazine)Info:http://www.sofiahardig.net/https://www.facebook.com/sofiahardigmusic