• Dan Webb and the Spiders Live im Titusstore

  • Do, 08.01.2015 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Titus (Bremen, Germany)
    Ostertorsteinweg 1-2
    28203 Bremen
Dan Webb and the Spiders       Live im Titusstore - Titus (Bremen, Germany) - Bremen

Abendkasse: 3,00€ - 5,00€www.gunnerrecords.com“An album that leaves me breathless. The fury of the attack isimpressive, but I prefer the sense of contentment I get at the end.Damned fine.” – Aiding & Abetting“Dan Webb's vocals, ...are distinctive and a major part of what I likeabout the band. Add to that the ability to write some catchy indie–ish, punkish tunes and the end result is damned entertaining." -Punknews"I'd heard somebody portray this band as indie rock, which I'm notbig on, but this is much cooler than that depiction so i'll try to set therecord straight. Yes, there is a disposition toward low-fi, distortedrock that brings to mind a band like DINOSAUR JR, but the tunesare also upbeat and and catchy in a way JAY REATARD (R.I.P.)was or the YOUNG PIONEERS or THERMALS were. The zonethat exists between melodic punk and moody, heartfelt rock 'n' roll isa good place to be, and that's where DAN WEBB AND THESPIDERS reside. This album is quickly becoming one of myfavorites for the month, and if you dig the style of the bandsaforementioned, you should do yourself a favor and seek this out foryourself. Fantastic. - Maximum Rock'n Roll