• Whiskey Kiss / live im Litfass

  • So, 04.06.2017 ab 19:30 Uhr
  • Litfass
    Ostertorsteinweg 22
    28203 Bremen
Whiskey Kiss / live im Litfass - Litfass - Bremen

Whiskey Kiss is all grown up. What started as a sweet, rockabilly-influenced act has morphed into a straight-up roots rock band with vintage flair and edgy kicks. The result is a classic backbone driven in a modern direction: Retro.Revamped.Their new record is exactly that: the retro groove is there, but they spice it up with aggressive guitars, kinetic energy, and high powered vocals that pack a punch. The best things about this band is their versatility. Each track on the album brings something new. From “Keep it to Myself”, the powerful guitar-driven single with the deceptively pure lyrics, to “Vixen” the sexy, Cramps-influenced surf number, to “All You Need” a jumping, rockabilly tune with sprinkled swing, every song on this album celebrates the sounds of a bygone era, but makes it accessible to the modern listener.Whiskey Kiss has been stirring things up since 2012, and have nicely settled into a groove with a revamped lineup. Niki White, lead vocals, has come into her own as a performer and songwriter. The tracks on this new record are edgier and catchier, and her vocals keep up. Her husband, Nick White’s move to guitar from bass drives this new sound: his gritty guitar tone and bluesy melodies are a great matchup. Tommy Collins, the acrobatic upright bass player, has matured as well, and this album proves his musicality is just as strong on the electric. Bruce Legge, original member, has become a multi-instrumentalist adding saxophone and flugelhorn to his trumpet and trombone skills, and Michael Robinson, drums, makes his recording debut that is driving and tasteful.Whiskey Kiss’ stage show has been praised as “dynamic and acrobatic- some would say insane” (Buster Fayte’s Rockabilly Romp). Ed Masley of AZ Central writes, “with the showmanship they brought to that performance, they should have no trouble conquering the Continent…And it goes beyond the retro-friendly sex appeal and jaw-dropping vocal abilities of singer Niki White, although that clearly helps. Guitarist Nick White is a brilliant roots guitarist with great tone and all the right moves, including soloing while perched on top of Tommy Collins’ upright bass”. They have played Viva Las Vegas, the biggest rockabilly festival in the world, as well as performing with the Rockabilly Queen, Wanda Jacksons, as her backing band. They’ve shared the stage with many artists such as The Chop Tops, The Blasters, Nikki Hill, Deke Dickerson, and many more. Whiskey Kiss is touring Europe the summer of 2017. As Mitchell Hillman of The Phoenix New Times said, ““They’ve got the sound, the look, and the record ready to launch them well into next year and bring them to a much larger audience than they have reached before. Keep your eyes on Whiskey Kiss; their aim is high and so is their trajectory.”Check out our EPK at www.artistecard.com/whiskeykissWhiskeykiss.orgFacebook.com/whiskeykiss