• Jeremy Young / Ahabzutun / BuddA

  • Do, 02.04.2020 ab 21:00 Uhr
  • Lesecafe " O D R A D E K "
    Leipziger Straße 3
    09113 Chemnitz
Jeremy Young / Ahabzutun / BuddA - Lesecafe " O D R A D E K " - Chemnitz

Jeremy Young is an American sonic artist, improviser and creative strategist living and working in Montréal, Canada. His creative work includes instrumental and electroacoustic composition for recording and live performance, reel-to-reel tape collage, sound-poetry and audio-visual scoring. His main interests as an artist lie in the analog treatment of surface-based audio (piezo mic'd objects and surfaces, manipulating tape and tone via texture and voltage) and promoting the notion that both the audio signal and the medium on which it is recorded, edited and played back, should equally contribute to the creation of a sonic narrative, an underlying principle of musique concrète. For this reason, Jeremy's live performances feature no digital equipment or processing.https://cargocollective.com/jeremyyoungahabzutun oscillates between curation, production, visual art and live performance. He is curator and driving force behind 2019 founded and Leipzig-based tape-label Prepaid Records as well as the pertaining monthly radio format Prepaid Radio. As one part of a larger scene he contributes to the wellbeing of Leipzig’s local tape culture through Pattern//Select, a creative platform, which offers affordable cassette duplication as well as DIY empowerment for other small labels and artists. Next to his mainly tape-oriented projects, ahabzutun can be seen playing live-sets exploring new frontiers in audio-visual electronics and tape or DJing throughout Eastern Germany. https://soundcloud.com/ahabzutunBu.d.d.A. - the "Covenant of the Third Eye" is a new project, which is dedicated to the meditative ambient drone, and consists out of the two musicians Sascha Stadlmeier (EMERGE, attenuation circuit) and Chris Sigdell (Leaden Fumes (ex-Phased), b°tong) sometimes with guest musicians. Who needs compartments - the sound sounds like Troum meets Earth together with Eno. But in reality Bu.d.d.A. builds on the sounds of the Deutsche Industrialband NID (1995-2005), in which Chris was involved from beginning to end, and theirposthumous CD was released by Auf Abwegen (Asmus Tietchens etc.).https://emerge.bandcamp.com/album/all-der-guten-dinge-dreihttps://emerge.bandcamp.com/album/all-der-guten-dinge-drei