• Beerpong Worldcup

  • Fr, 14.06.2019 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Club der Kulturen
    Thüringer Weg 3
    09126 Chemnitz
Beerpong Worldcup - Club der Kulturen - Chemnitz

The Beerpong Worldcup is back!! Take the chance to become the new CHAMPION! You don't know Beerpong? It's easy! Two teams à 2 persons play against each other. On each side you have ten cups of beer in a triangle form. You have to throw a ping pong ball across the table with the intent of landing the ball in one of these cups on the other end. If a ball lands in a cup, the contents of the cup are consumed by the other team. First team which eliminates all of the opponent's cups is the WINNER!All you have to do is to build an unbeatable team of two. You can represent your own country if you want to. You will play by tournement system so everyone will have enough beer inclusive (Minumun of 3 Games for each team). The participation fee is 15 Euros per Team (only 7,50 Euros per Person).For everybody who just wants to play one game with friends is also welcome on our FRIENDSTABLE: One Game = 1,50 Euro per team. (includes cups, pingpong, table and a lot of fun) You have to buy the beer by yourself.Registration:Write us a message on Facebook including NAMES OF TEAM MEMBERS and TEAM NAME! :-)ORbe there early enough for the registration :)PLEASE be there on time! Registration starts at 19:00. Tournement begins at 20:00!!!Start: After explaining the system at 20:00!Maximum of 20 Teams.First come, first serve! :)What do you need? YOURSELF, ENERGY and FRIENDS! :-)P.S. Last time we´ve already been booked out 1 day before the event! Possibly there will be no registration possible on the events date.