• Solid As A Rock: Swing im Wohnzimmer

  • Di, 17.05.2016 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Wohnzimmer Bar
    Landwehrstraße 75
    64293 Darmstadt
Solid As A Rock: Swing im Wohnzimmer - Wohnzimmer Bar - Darmstadt

On the left side of the hall: vintage bar hoppers and other slackers. On the right: rocks and walls and slack-liners.In the middle: a cozy living-room. And lots of swing.It's time again for everybody's favourite mix of dancing and bouldering. As per usual, no entrance fee, water for free, and some tasty tidbits to keep your mouths and stomachs satisfied at the bar.Here's the plan:19:00 : this short taster is for those of you who have not danced swing before, or are convinced you no longer remember the basics.20:00 : social timeNote: the University Tuesday Social will be relocated to the Boulderhaus on this day.

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