• S H A D E S /w Thomas Hessler // Level 6 (Darmstadt)

  • So, 22.03.2015 ab 07:00 Uhr
  • Level 6 Club
    64293 Darmstadt
    64293 Darmstadt
S H A D E S /w Thomas Hessler // Level 6 (Darmstadt) - Level 6 Club - Darmstadt

Thomas Hessler is part of a promising new generation of electronic music producers & DJs. Born and raised in East Germany, Hessler‘s inspirations are deeply rooted in his former home city of Berlin. Growing up during the time of the wall‘s fall and the resulting changes for Germany itself, his approach to production intends to reflect feelings of change.Within a short time Hessler‘s DJ sets have already made their mark at Berghain and various venues all over Europe. Returning again to the theme of surprise, he keeps dancers on their toes, leading them through atmospheric and intense journeys of techno and its history.Lineup: Thomas Hessler Xara Silent-OneAnselm Eintritt: 5€