• laut und leise: Mañana People

  • Di, 27.08.2019 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • schlossgarten
    Marktplatz 15
    64283 Darmstadt
laut und leise: Mañana People - schlossgarten - Darmstadt

Beginn: 21hEintritt frei - Spenden erwünscht--Bei schlechtem Wetter im Schlosskeller--Since the sudden and completely unnoticed appearance of their manifesto in 2016, theweird-folk songwriting duo The Mañana People took a vow to write 100 songsexploring the forking paths of the pop genre discourse.Halfway through their struggle, whilst concocting a series of homemade freak-folk andpsych-country curiosities, their efforts were mercilessly interrupted by the cult Germanlabel Unique Records, which grabbed them by their ears and told them to grow up andmake a proper record out of all that.The result is their forthcoming debut „Princess Diana“, a breath of fresh radioactive airin the world of authorial music.The eccentric collection of tunes offers theremin-driven honky-tonk smashers, zombie-themed electro-pop ballads and horror spirituals, as well as a collaboration with the besttroubadour himself, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy.The Mañana People's first effort manages to swing harmoniously between the guttersof experimentation and the comfortable lightness of pop music. Tim Weissinger and Alvaro Arango met on a winter evening in the green pastures oftheir University.Their musical chemistry and the cold weather forced them to start making musictogether almost immediately.Their debut EP „The Mañana People“ was released online on Halloween night 2014.Their music was instantly praised by their friends, feared by their enemies and ignoredby many others.Since early 2015, and with the help of Tobi Mercer (keyboards) and Simon Mead(drums), The Mañana People have been spreading their word around, claiming newsouls in every bar, café or street corner their songs have been heard.After a second EP - „Horror Songs“ - in 2016 it’s time for a full-lenght and highlyanticipated debut album in the beginning of 2019 out on Unique Records!www.facebook.com/lautundleise/www.facebook.com/themananapeople/