• Golden Crown Revue - Swing in der Goldenen Krone

  • Di, 19.11.2019 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Swing Heiner
    Spreestraße 2
    64295 Darmstadt
Golden Crown Revue - Swing in der Goldenen Krone - Swing Heiner - Darmstadt

a-five, six, seven, eight!...is a phrase you'll catch quite often in the world of Lindy Hop. Join us as we throw it down at the Goldene Krone, one of the oldest establishments in town. Also one of the most recognizable - we're looking at you, horse in the upper floor window. Whether you are in need of a good ol’ pub, a slam poetry and concert venue, or a place to party (and play foosball!), this is the place to be. Which is why we are absolutely delighted to get to use first floor hall for a swing social. 1900-2000 : drop-in taster for beginners2000-2300 : social, possibly with a surprise entertainment act!NOTES:The Krone has agreed to host the party without an entry fee, which is why we’d be glad if you’d consider buying a drink or two at the bar. Worst case, just buy one for the DJ.The floor is a bit rough, so try to bring some good footwear. Or a roll of tape (we have some, too, just in case). The bus and tram stops „Schloss“ are literally around the corner, in case you wanna use public transport.