• Rae Spoon

  • Sa, 19.01.2019 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Oetinger Villa
    Kranichsteiner St. 81
    64289 Darmstadt
Rae Spoon - Oetinger Villa - Darmstadt

Rae SpoonRae Spoon is an award-winning non-binary musician and author. They have released nine solo albums spanning folk, indie rock and electronic genres and have toured across Canada and internationally. Rae was the subject and composer of the score for the National Film Board–produced musical-documentary My Prairie Home, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival in 2014. Rae owns and runs an indie record label called Coax Records that has released fifteen albums by Canadian and international artists. They have been nominated for two Polaris Prizes, a Lambda Literary Award and a Western Canadian Music Award.Quotes:“Rae Spoon is one of the most important musicians working in Canada today.” – Now Magazine“The mark of a gifted songwriter is the ability to create the most emotion with the fewest notes. Rae Spoon is a master of restraint, conveying both hope and hurt at once through simple melodies.” – Exclaim!“Armour: synths and electronic percussion alongside guitars and Spoon’s evergreen vocals, melodic pop and sharply drawn verses, hope and despair.” – The Toronto Star“With Armour, Rae Spoon has recorded one of the best albums of the year, and made a very strong case that they’re one of best, and most important, songwriters in Canada. Perfect electronic pop songs that groove, tear at your heart, and seek to create real change.” – Silent Shout“One of Canada’s best songwriter.” – Aesthetic Magazine“Spoon’s poignant, raw musicality paired with their evocative, powerful vocals have spoken to Canadians across the nation.” – The Gateway“The album, Spoon’s eighth solo release, is another stellar electro-based offering of dreamy, rounded and sweetly pleasing pop with, as always, an aftertaste of pretty melancholia.” – Calgary Herald“Steeped in personal themes and experience, Spoon’s body of work is truly singular.” – The Concordian“Spoon is an ever-evolving, distinctive experimental artist.” – The Overcast“The haunting, lovely tunes speak for themselves.” – British Film Institute“Queer-positive, electronic-pop-infused.” – The Strangersupport tba.