• Any Other / Fabian

  • Do, 27.09.2018 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Oetinger Villa
    Kranichsteiner St. 81
    64289 Darmstadt
Any Other / Fabian - Oetinger Villa - Darmstadt

(presented by ByteFM & The Postie)ANY OTHERAnd now what, should I quit playing? This is what Adele Nigro, now 24 years old, puzzled over, trying to dealwith a past that just went off with her old band and a future still to be written. But Adele doesn’t quit, andthis is how Any Other is born, with an indie rock attitude that will take you back to the 90’s of Pavement andBuilt to Spill, but also to contemporary songwriters like Waxahatchee. In her 2015 debut album, “Silently.Quietly. Going Away”, you will find stories about growing up, difficult separations, and a strong desire fortaking revenge on the bad things that happen in our lives.Three yearslater, things have not changed: Adele isstill writing songs about growing up, breaking up, learningto cope, all the things that make your twenties the blinding, white-hot experience that people tend to goback to in their mind, for the rest of their lives. What has changed is the musical texture that binds her storiestogether: “Two, Geography”, her second album out September 14th, 2018 on 42 Records (home of some ofthe top indie artists in Adele’s native Italy) is a much more mature, complex and freeform collection of songsthat bears the traces of several different influences. The American indie-folk of Phil Elvrum (TheMicrophones, Mount Eerie), the guitar work of Jim O’Rourke and David Grubbs, spiritual free jazz andorchestral arrangements as well as classic songwriting by Carole King and Joni Mitchell filtered through athoroughly contemporary sensibility.Walkthrough, the first single off the forthcoming album, is accompanied by a video that is as suggestive as itis minimal. The song is a raw, emotional tale of a relationship gone sour to the point of numbness set to anever-changing, almost free jazz flow of guitars, drums, horns and piano; a brave, original choice and astatement of intent from a young artist who is unafraid to experiment and boldly go where very fewmusicians would dare to venture.After its premiere at major Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona, Any Other will be playing “Two,Geography” in some of the best clubs and festivals in Europe and the UK in September 2018.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vP-E1-CCs3kFABIANDie Musik der Band FABIAN mit Worten zu beschreiben ist kaum möglich. Sagt zumindest der Sänger und Musiker DRANGSAL. Wie soll das an dieser Stelle aber anders gehen?Vielleicht trifft es „ambivalent“ noch am ehesten, wenn FABIAN schwebende Melodien auf stoisches Post Punk-Stakkato und wilde Klanggewitter auf funkige Hip Hop-Beats treffen, sie miteinander um Deutungshoheit ringen und schließlich ineinander verschlingen lassen. Die Songs vom neuen, Anfang 2019 erscheinenden Album fügen dieser wilden Mischung nun eine weitere Facette hinzu: Die große Geste. Ein musikalisch unterschätztes Element, das in dieser Perfektion bisher nur Udo Jürgens auf die Bühne zu bringen imstande war. Und vielleicht Maria Callas. Und Whitney Houston. Die sind aber alle tot und spielen deswegen nicht mehr in Darmstadt.Wer also große Gesten und ambivalente Popmusik live erleben will, dem bleiben nur noch FABIAN.https://fabian6668.bandcamp.com/album/fabian-3https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5OueOKnc-s