• Brewery Museum

  • Mi, 23.03.2016 ab 15:00 Uhr
  • Erasmus Student Network Dortmund
    61 Emil-Figge -Straße
    44227 Dortmund
Brewery Museum - Erasmus Student Network Dortmund - Dortmund

-- UPDATE --There are still some spots left, thus registration is not required anymore.Just come directly to the Brauerei-Museum, Steigerstr. 16--Dortmund is home to 16 different kind of beers and thus makes it one of the most important beer cities. Get the chance to learn everything about beer and the tradition of brewing. Of course you will have the opportunity to taste 4 selected brands. So don't hesitate and safe your spot!! The tour is limited to 50 people. It's first come first serve and we will send a confirmation email to those who got a spot. When? 23.03 15:00 at the university SBahnStationWhere? Brauerei-Museum, Steigerstr. 16Costs?13 Euro (with ESNcard) 15 Euro (without ESNcard) You will need to pay in advance otherwise you will lose your spot. You will have the chance to do so on friday and monday between 1 and 2 pm @ the asta officeWe are looking forward to spend an awesome time with you! For registration please fill out the google form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1lmz2HBYwzJDEjEKSX3SxlIEAQLKn9aMRmP4jdVtUrEQ/viewform