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  • 44309 street art gallery
    Rheinische Straße 16
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SEN2 "NEW YORK CITY CLASSIC" - 44309 street art gallery - Dortmund

Born in 1969, Sandro Figueroa Garcia, commonly known as Sen2, grew up in Canteras, a rough neighborhood of Santurce, Puerto Rico. But it wasn’t until a trip to New York City, in the 1980s, that Sen2 found the art of graffiti. And he was hooked in an instant. Bringing his newfound passion back to Puerto Rico, Sen2 immersed himself in the subculture. In an age before the internet, he drew inspiration from black-and-white graffiti magazines, absorbing the styles and learning the techniques he would later put into practice. In 1986, while painting in the streets of his hometown, he met a like-minded, up-and-coming artist named Rek. Still beginners at graffiti, or “aerosol art” as it was called in Puerto Rico at the time, they honed their skills and improved their artistry every day, collaborating on murals. Soon, they met Ske and Soze, two more talented graffiti artists who possessed the experience they lacked. Together, they formed the Mad Crew, finding much success in Puerto Rico before eventually parting ways. Sen2 ultimately moved to the “Salsa Borough” of New York City, located in what is known as the BX or South Bronx. However, amid the cityscapes and subways of NYC, he never forgot where he came from. It was at this point in his life that he met and joined the most famous graffiti crew ever assembled in the world to date: Tats Cru.With Tats Cru came opportunity; Sen2 traveled throughout Europe and the rest of the globe. He found himself creating art for music videos, working with high profile recording artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Nas, and Missy Elliot. He was even commissioned by Robert Deniro. Over the years, Sen2 has grown into one of hardest working contemporary artists in the world, with abstract paintings on display throughout America and Europe. In early 2012, he established Many Styles, a fully equipped design studio where he can create his own art with the same passion he had back in the 80s. But as we talk about his past success, Sen2 is looking forward, always evolving and never ceasing to push himself artistically, as he further develops his trademark style.