• Eclosion

  • Sa, 05.11.2016 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • 44309 street art gallery
    Rheinische Straße 16
    44137 Dortmund
Eclosion - 44309 street art gallery - Dortmund

solo exhibition of French artist SWIZSwiz Exhibition at 44309 Street Art GalleryLocated in Dortmund, 44309 Street Art Gallery is focused on street art, graffiti, urban and contemporary art. With its diverse and eclectic program of exhibitions, the gallery has made a huge impact on the German graffiti and street art scene. The exhibition ECLOSION will be on view from November 5th until December 12th, 2016. The opening reception will be held on Saturday, November 5th from 7pm.Whether working on the streets or in the studio, Swiz, a graffiti artist from France, has managed to maintain his signature style that echoes the great Futurism movement. Deconstructing words to create alphabetical matter, his works carry a message that needs to me deciphered. His latest exhibition ECLOSION at 44309 Street Art Gallery will reflect the notion of genesis and emergence of new forms. Featuring a series of his current works, the exhibition will explore the progression of cityscapes and the evolution of men and architecture. In addition to presenting a series of works on paper, Swiz will also paint a wall close to the exhibiting space. Known for layering shapes and forms to create elaborate labyrinth-esque spaces, Swiz will take the viewers on a complex visual journey. (E.Martinique//Widewalls)