• Mishka Adams

  • Do, 16.04.2015 ab 21:00 Uhr
  • Schlegels
    Kaiserstrasse 31a
    44135 Dortmund
Mishka Adams - Schlegels - Dortmund

For the first time in my musical life, I have followed my instincts without restriction, without thought for the “market” or what I think people might want to hear or see these days. I wrote these songs after a five year songwriting hiatus and a lot of personal digging in parts of myself that I was afraid to see in the past. So this album is not an arrival at a destination, but rather a map of the path I am on – where I have been and what I have found along the way. Thank you for listening, and thank you to everyone who has helped me make this a reality. These songs come straight from the heart, and I hope they connect with yours.http://mishkaadamsmusic.com/Eintritt frei-Hut dabei*