• Di, 26.08.2014 ab 21:00 Uhr
  • Scheune Dresden
    Alaunstr. 36-40
    01099 Dresden
THEE OH SEES + GELBART - Scheune Dresden - Dresden

LIVE 2014

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Zusammen mit Berlin die einzige Show in Deutschland in 2014 !!!

Support: Gelbart (Gagarin Records) http://www.gelbartcorp.com/

THEE OH SEES sind die wohl beste live-Band der Welt! 1997 als “Orinoka Crash Suite” von John Dwyer gegründet spielt die Band aus San Francisco seit 2008 mit dem derzeitigen Line-Up aus John Dwyer (seines Zeichens auch Gründer und Chef von Castle Face Records – Vocals, Guitar), Brigid Dawson (Tambourine und Vocals) , Petey Dammit (Guitar) and Mike Shoun (Drums). Live sind sie purer Exzess, was sie auf gefühlt 365 Shows im Jahr unter Beweis stellten. Zusammen mit Label-Kollegen TY SEAGULL sind sie die Bands, die die aktuelle Garage-Psych-Rock-Welle mit ihrem starken Punk-Einfluss prägen. Ende 2013 konnte man nun eigentlich lesen, dass das Hohe Pensum der Band (14 LP’s, 9 EP’s, 11 Singles, zig Singles und Compilations und gefühlt 1.000 Konzerte pro Jahr in der Zeit zw. 2006 – 2013) eine Pause unumgänglich mache. Die OH SEES sind aber nun mal die OH SEES, daher gibt es am 19.04.2014 pünktlich zum Record Store Day) das neue Album DROP und zum Glück nun auch die erste Show in Dresden, nachdem man in 2013 Berlin das Lido und in Köln das Museum Ludwig ausverkaufte.

Propulsive, careening, and at times, openly dangerous. Thee oh sees are like the house band for a runaway train. Much of their appeal comes from the fact that they’re a machine with four equal parts: the wide-eyed, cult-leader charisma of frontman John Dwyer, the effortless cool of keyboardist/singer Brigid Dawson, the pulsating low end of Petey Dammit, and the steel-solid rhythmic anchor of Mike Shoun. With unspeakable chemistry and an instinctual bond that borders on telepathic, the band has taken its wildly cacophonous and setlist-free live show to must-see status, turning music venues populated by arm-folding spectators into anarchic riot scenes. An Oh Sees show is a place where combing the floor for your shoes when the house lights come on becomes ritualistic, where getting kicked in the face by a renegade crowd-surfer provokes a shit-eating grin instead of a scowl. Most of the band’s best albums serve as recorded documents of their live sets; you can practically hear Dwyer swallowing microphones and spitting upwards to the rafters. (Pitchfork)


Multi-instrumentalist and electro-scientist Adi Gelbart combines the signals of his absurd home-made instruments to collage-like sounds. He loves to disassemble electronic toys, manipulating them for his own purposes. His creativity is inspired, among other things, by the concept of 'circuit bending'. Using only analogue equipment and avoiding the addition of samples, he dives into the mysterious realms of his apparatuses, giving birth to something that is entirely new and unique. His passion for experimentation displays a madcap mixture of musique concrète, film music, space-age-pop and many other genres which push the listeners to the edge of musical psychosis. Gelbart lives and works in Berlin.

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