• Jamrock: Korova + Some Sprouts

  • Di, 17.04.2018 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • GrooveStation Dresden
    Katharinenstr. 11-13
    01099 Dresden
Jamrock: Korova + Some Sprouts - GrooveStation Dresden - Dresden

Jamrock with Korova and Some Sprouts. After that as always Vinyl Disco with Liam, Krissi and Simon! 20:00 / for free!Some Sprouts∆ Maybe we don't live the pop dream but we are living the dream pop ∆The impudence of blunt Slacker Rock and the catchy melancholy of a modern Indie Pop act: this is the breeding ground, on which "Some Sprouts" - the five mates from Regensburg - are prospering. With Joshua's striking voice being the indispensable water and the Vintage Synth sounds providing the essential nutrients, there are no limits set to the blooming of Some Sprouts.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V91VDsanKI8Korova Korova was formed in 2016 by guitarist Alina Denisiuc and synth player Stefan Mohrmann. By the start of winter 2017 the drummer Morten Wengemuth joined the band. Their sound consists of dreamy electronics with melodic vocals, floating drums and spheric guitar riffs.Korova is placed in the realm of Art Rock but hits the road to its own stylistic spheres to blow your mind.https://youtu.be/-gzggH6xYV4