• Study Train (Edition Görlitz)

  • Mi, 21.11.2018 ab 10:15 Uhr
  • Burger King Hbf
    Wiener Platz 4
    01069 Dresden
Study Train (Edition Görlitz) - Burger King Hbf - Dresden

Hello everyone, SLUB learner and saxony explorer, This semester we are trying something new.Some people learn better in different places. On Wednesday 21th, we are going to Görlitz. The Concept of the Study Train is simple:If you like:- to learn with international people- in a warm and open place for your Tandem/ Language Exchange- to memorize your content in a different place (german?)- Explore different citys as a breakthen join our Study Train. It is for free unless you have not the student ticket :PWarm, Open and a Moving SLUB. Best Greetings Viet DangP.S. During the Christmas on Sunday 02.12, the library are open. However with a minor Christmas feeling.Therefore we are leaving to Plauen. Checklist: #Student ID Card/ ID #Snacks and Drinks :) #No Internet#Download your files#Don't use your train :)#Recharger#University stuff (Books, Sheets, Pencil)#Warm Clothes