• International Friends Dresden - Meeting #55

  • Sa, 14.02.2015 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • NM9 Shop & Lounge
    Neustädter Markt 9
    01097 Dresden-Neustadt
International Friends Dresden - Meeting #55 - NM9 Shop & Lounge - Dresden

Crazy week - therefore last minute event creation...see you tonight!! :-) Please also take a look here - we still need a lot of hosts for the demo in 2 weeks: https://www.facebook.com/groups/internationalfriendsdresden/permalink/797177583703877/

LOCATION: We will be back at our cool new hangout Steilshoop at Neustädter Markt next to Goldener Reiter. Comfy sofas, cheap beer, great location (right between Altstadt and Neustadt, with a tram stop just outside the door). The owner even already is a member of the group. It's 3 doors down from "Venezia", there is no sign, but you'll find it :-)

** Pls help by inviting your friends in the group, I can only invite my direct FB friends (damn you, FB!). Also, sign up for the moving Weekly Event and you will get a notification when I post the weekly meeting: https://www.facebook.com/events/806294019408336/ **

Meet and party with the friendliest international people in town! We are usually between 55 and 115 at the meetings and parties, every Saturday in cool locations/private places.

IMPORTANT: please use the "Join" and "Maybe" buttons. FB is warning me that they will block me from inviting people because "they seem not interested in my invitations" :-P This also gives me and the bar an idea how many ppl to expect, shows others you are coming, and the group gets promoted nicely on FB this way ;-). Thanks!

We have a few regular hangouts (Cafe 100, Diwan, Steilshoop), but will try other places in the future (feel free to suggest them to me). If someone wants to offer their place/home/flat for a future meeting/party with around 50 people, tell me (so far we've had two at Owen's and one at my place)!

We're doing our meetings on Saturday, because there's already so many international events during the week and this way we have the flexibility to alternate between public places/bars and parties at private homes every now and then.

About our meetings: you are always welcome to bring friends and introduce them to the group this way (even better, invite them to the event/group so we know how many are coming). Everyone in this group is here to get to know other people, the ones I know personally are incredibly friendly. So talk to each other, don't let anyone sit alone. Make friends! :-)