• 27th Science Beer | by DDocs and Studcom

  • Mo, 14.01.2019 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Max-Großstadtcafé
    Wilsdruffer Straße 24
    01067 Dresden
27th Science Beer | by DDocs and Studcom - Max-Großstadtcafé - Dresden

Happy New Year!==============================Hi Science-lovers,The next ScienceBeer is around the corner.You might ask yourself: “What is a Science Beer!?”Science Beer is talking Science while drinking Beer[], with people like you! Here in a relaxed and unofficial atmosphere, we share our ideas and thoughts, we find companions or opponents, we get advices from PhD, PostDocs and Professors of different fields of study, and we have fun!Each ScienceBeer starts with a short presentation by our ScienceBrewers.The poster of each ScienceBeer gives you a hint about the topic of the day. Look at the poster/cover image ;)After the presentation we sit together and start an open discussion.Come and have a sip of "Science Beer" with us!Here you can find a full history of ScienceBeer events, including pictures and videos: http://www.sciencebeer.org[] Beer is just a symbol, of course we do have and we do drink all sort of drinks (cold/warm, alcoholic/non-alcoholic)!The entrance is FREE for everyone!#DDocs#cfaed#ScienceBeer@cfaed - Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden@DRESDEN-concept Welcome Center at TU Dresden