• Regular's Table at "Café Blumenau"

  • Fr, 13.04.2018 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Blumenau - Cafe.Bar.Restaurant
    Louisenstrasse 67
    01099 Dresden
Regular's Table at "Café Blumenau" - Blumenau - Cafe.Bar.Restaurant - Dresden

This cosy and absolutely gorgeous café and bar has won several awards for “most creative cuisine” and also convinces with its wide variety of drinks, beers and other beverages! If you are interested in checking out a new location, join Gustavo & Konrad at “Café Blumenau” in Dresden-Neustadt! We’ll be there at 7 pm. Come by whenever you feel like it. There is no fixed time frame, no need to register. Simply enjoy the atmosphere, the décor and inviting chairs and sofas. The home-made iced teas and lemonades are spectacular, as are the freshly draught beers and the plethora of wines to choose from. We would enjoy your company for a relaxed conversation and memorable night.