• Thursdaze: imwdt invites

  • Do, 19.04.2018 ab 23:00 Uhr
  • TBA Club
    Schlesischer Platz 1
    01097 Dresden-Neustadt
Thursdaze: imwdt invites - TBA Club - Dresden

To invite you to Thursdaze is a thing we want to take seriously,because we know that you guys want to be entertained seriously.Joining our story will leads you through a myriad of different cultural influences.To have a proper start, allow us to introduce Cee Elassaad, a friend and passionate musician, who was ranked the 24th best afro house artist worldwide in 2017. After Paris, he'll have his debut in Dresden with us before continuing he's journey through Europe .Does sunset sometimes look like sunrise ? these kinds of questions that kunstlicht's beats will leads you to , in an astrolabe oceanic motion .Anyone pulled from a source longs to go back , so the mentalpacas do , side by side in a cosmic ethnic harmony, with a magical reversal touch .Enrich your horizons with this special guests! & Enjoy this serious opportunity to take life a little less seriously...TimeTable // kunstlicht (imwdt/ gestaltwandler/ palais palett)// https://soundcloud.com/kunstlicht// https://bit.ly/2uqxobM// Cee Elassaad// https://www.beatport.com/artist/cee-elassaad/341118// https://bit.ly/2GDmWTc // mentalpacas (ich mag wie du tanzt (imwdt))// https://soundcloud.com/mentalpacas// https://bit.ly/2Gdj3ERbefore 00:00 4€, after 5€if you are a racist, homophobic, anti-semite or sexist feel free to stay home. any harassment needs to be reported to the security or the bar. no one should feel unsafe.