• Oh! What a Lovely Brexit!

  • Do, 17.09.2020 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Theaterhaus Rudi
    Fechnerstraße 2a
    01139 Dresden
Oh! What a Lovely Brexit! - Theaterhaus Rudi - Dresden

Oh! What a lovely Brexit! by Michael HalsteadBrexit, the longest running farce in British politics. How much do you understand about what is going on?Does anyone understand what is going on? Is there anybody or anything that can make sense of this mess?"Oh! What a Lovely Brexit!" by Michael Halstead is a new political satire that attempts to do just that. All your questions will be answered in 90 breathless minutes.Tickets: 8 EUR and 5 EURFor reservations use the link or call: +49 351 849 1925