• Cuarteto Conurbano

  • Mi, 25.07.2018 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Wulbert's Café und Bar
    Rudolfstraße 2
    01097 Dresden
Cuarteto Conurbano - Wulbert's Café und Bar - Dresden

Cuarteto Conurbano is a musical group of Tango from Buenos Aires, Argentina. With their original formation they make their own versions of the traditional and contemporary Tangos from Río de la Plata. In their concerts you can listen to a variety of music styles related like Vals or Milonga to enjoy listening or dancing. In 2018 they will perform in concerts and milongas in more than 10 cities of Europe. The musicians are Maximiliano Agüero in Guitar and Voice, Sebastián Agüero in Bandoneon, Hernán Giorcelli in Clarinet and Bass Clarinet and Cristian Loudet in Percussion.