• Book Club: The Guest Cat

  • Di, 17.03.2020 ab 20:15 Uhr
  • LadenCafe aha GmbH - Restaurant
    Kreuzstraße 7
    01067 Dresden
Book Club: The Guest Cat - LadenCafe aha GmbH - Restaurant - Dresden

During my last visit to the wonderful city of Edinburgh I payed a visit to my favourite bookstore. It’s located in the heart of the city right across Princess Street gardens. While strolling through the store looking for a new and interesting book to read, I stumbled upon this book with a wee cat on the cover staring intently at the observer. I was immediately intrigued and so I started reading the short synopsis on first page. The book is about a Japanese couple in their thirties living in a wee cottage in a quiet part of Tokyo. Both of them are freelance writers and are working from home. As things sometimes tend to happen in life, they don’t have much to say to each other anymore and one can get the impression that the two of them are starting to grow apart day by day. Until a little feline friend not only enters their lives but also their wee apartment and decides to stay. This is where the story begins and we are invited in the subtle yet powerful written novel of Takashi Hiraide.