• Chinese Cooking Event

  • Fr, 20.02.2015 ab 17:00 Uhr
  • DRESDEN-concept Welcome Center at TU Dresden
    Nürnberger Str. 31a
    01187 Dresden
Chinese Cooking Event - DRESDEN-concept Welcome Center at TU Dresden - Dresden

After having a fabulous German Dinner, our next cooking event follows right away. We have a talented Chinese "chef" who would like to prepare a Chinese dinner during Chinese New Year. So if you're interested in Chinese cooking traditions and would like to learn something on Chinese festivities along the way, sign up for this event! We will start to prepare dinner at 5 p.m. The fee is €6 which will need to be paid in advance at the Welcome Center. Friends and family are very welcome, too. If you would like to attend the Chinese cooking event, please register via e-mail to young.researchers@mailbox.tu-dresden.