• Tristan x Elephant Bar

  • Mi, 08.08.2018 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Elephant Bar
    Kurzestraße 3
    40213 Düsseldorf
Tristan x Elephant Bar - Elephant Bar - Düsseldorf

love somehow ..a son of a mother who is a classical singer and a father who plays the piano. Influenced from different musical genres and musicians like Andy Mckee, Matt Corby, Bob Dylan or Metallica he's doin music by thinking outside of genre boundaries. With the knowledge he gathered he developed a style incorporating finger style and body percussion elements accompanied by a mixture of chest and head voice. Always thriving to master his craft and pushing the limits of his own capabilities, Tristan will be happy to share his deepest thoughts and emotions throughout his music with you.https://soundcloud.com/tristanmichael22- doors 18.00 Uhr - ELEPHANT BAR öffnet und lädt ein.- on stage 21.00 Uhr - Tristan Live + special ELEPHANT BAR und Charon´s affair, laden Euch ein. Ob gemütlich mit Wein und Gin Tonic oder tanzend zum klang von Snare, Gitarre und klarer Klangästhetik. Wir freuen uns auf einen echt schönen Abend mit Euch!