• Thomas Zwijsen & Anne Bakker

  • So, 02.09.2018 ab 18:00 Uhr
  • Pitcher - Rock'n'Roll Headquarter Düsseldorf
    Oberbilker Allee 29
    40215 Düsseldorf
Thomas Zwijsen & Anne Bakker - Pitcher - Rock'n'Roll Headquarter Düsseldorf - Düsseldorf
  • NYLON MAIDEN TOUR 2018 -THOMAS ZWIJSEN & ANNE BAKKER"METAL CLASSICS ON CLASSICAL INSTRUMENTS"THOMAS ZWIJSENThomas Zwijsen is best known for his arrangements of famous rock and metal songs for Classical/Spanish guitar. He has the ability to play vocal melodies, guitar licks, chords, baselines and even drum parts at the same time. With these arrangements he has gained over 17,5 million views on YouTube, and is now rapidly approaching 100.000 subscribers. �Zwijsen studied classical guitar at the Artez conservatoire in Arnhem and Latin/jazz/Brazilian guitar at Codarts in Rotterdam. In combination with his interest in flamenco and metal, this strongly influenced his style of guitar playing. ANNE BAKKERAnne Bakker is a singer-songwriter and professional violin/viola player who is active in a wide range of musical genres. Recently she released her first EP titled ‘Vox/Viola’, in which she combines her voice with the deeper sound of the viola, creating a well crafted musical combination. She performs her songs on her own, accompanying herself on either viola or guitar.In addition to her solo work Anne is part of several bands and ensembles. She is the main vocalist for the Dutch electronic band Quibus, toured Brazil, Europe and Dubai as a trio with former Iron Maiden vocalist Blaze Bayley & Thomas Zwijsen, with Toby she toured in Europe, Australia and North America. With the Göksel Yilmaz Ensemble, Anne plays Turkish oriented music. They released two albums and toured in the Netherlands, Turkey and Indonesia in collaboration with the Internationaal Danstheater.VVK: 15 € (zzgl. geb.)