• Opening: Manuela Gernedel - Snakes again

  • Fr, 07.09.2018 ab 18:00 Uhr
  • Lucas Hirsch
    Birkenstr 92
    40233 Düsseldorf
Opening: Manuela Gernedel - Snakes again - Lucas Hirsch - Düsseldorf

For Okey Dokey II Lucas Hirsch presents Manuela Gernedel’s exhibition Snakes (2018). Previously commissioned and exhibited by Piper Keys, LondonI’ve been expecting you. To find your way home. Fragile as earth viewed from space. Like Cixous. Who set sail from her forbidden mother, to a country which both welcomed and rejected. Don’t ask the earth to grant you freedom. Noblesse oblige. A sign is rising. As you leave your planetarium. Dream, if you can, a courtyard. We were born in fields. Our doors are always open. This house is a tool for dismantling mastery. There’s always room for an extra place at the table. A small goblin, called a brownie, lives in this house. Don’t insult it, or the brownie will play tricks. Instead, feed it milk. Brownies love milk. It will perform household tasks while you’re asleep.Hold your thumb and forefinger at right angles. And frame the moment. Two forks, arms crossed, like Martha Rosler in a still from a black and white videotape. The tasseography of the unremarkable. A future revealed in the traces left behind. I make sacrifices and practice haruspicy. Bloodstains can be removed with toothpaste, but ectoplasm is another matter. In a house of many stories. We create endless scenes. And like stories, we are related. And like stories, we may turn out differently than expected.Text by J. A. Harrington Piper Keys is an artist-run, non-profit gallery in London. Any proceeds from sales of artworks will be used to fund the ongoing Piper Keys exhibitions program.The second edition of Okey Dokey has been overseen by curatorial advisor Jamie StevensDelmes & ZanderDreiGinerva GambinoLucas HirschJan KapsMax MayerPatricia L. BoydHeinz GappmayrCharles GatewoodManuela GernedelCatherine Christer HennixKelly KaczynskiThomas KongMike KucharTobias MadisonPatrick McCoyAnne McGuireBrian MoranJohn NeffJulia ScherLeslie ThorntonV. ValeMarian Wallacein cooperation withAdler and Floyd (Chicago)Blank Forms (New York)Diasporal Rhythms (Chicago)Empty Gallery (Hong Kong)Front Desk Apparatus (NYC)Francois Ghebaly (Los Angeles)Piper Keys (London)RE/Search (San Francisco)Southfirst (New York)The Back Room at Kim’s Corner Food (Chicago)